Comment: Rand had better wake up quick

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Rand had better wake up quick

if he expects the support those of us demonstrated to his dad. McConnell, Benton and most of all Olsen are poison to liberty who are merely using him to promote their agenda and only a fool would believe it is the same as ours. Ashley Judd is going to dismantle McConell with the assistance of Hollywood and to hook your wagon to his star is an ill advised strategy. I'm afraid the top puppeteers have this planned and it is not merely to defeat McConell. Beating Mitch would lend a certain discredit to Rand as it stands. Play up to this upstart bitch and make her find a common ground. The Dem or Repug label means nothing anymore, both are conspiring to shut us down. Our candidates have to start behaving unpredictably if we are to gain anything.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.