Comment: So Much Finger Pointing

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So Much Finger Pointing

Blame for Fed and STATE govs getting to their current corrupt dysfunctional condition can not be placed with the Constitution. The Ideals are succinct with terms and conditions readily discernible and balanced. However, as an inanimate piece of paper, it cannot enforce or defend itself. All sides just pay Lip Service. Very few put Principals into

Fault / Blame initially lies with those responsible for enacting and following the prescribed Ideals, terms and conditions. Your "Elected" representatives, otherwise known as "Appointed Trustees".

From there the chains of responsibility fall on those charged with Trustee appointment and attendant liability for subsequent behaviour of said Trustees.

Lastly, responsibility falls upon those generally or directly affected by actions of the Trustees.

It's a battle for Property and Right of Use.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info