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Comment: I found some more information.

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I found some more information.

Other German parents that homeschool gave statements about what happened when they didn't send their children to the public school. One couple had their child taken away for six months and they were not allowed to see each other. Another had their child sent to a mental clinic because they said she had "school phobia", a mental illness.

The parents in this story had the police come to their home and forceably take their children to school. Mom went and got them at lunch time. The next time the police came, the neighborhood was alerted. They blocked the road and turned the police away.

The appellate court reversed the judge that granted asylum saying that the family wasn't here because of religious persecution. The Germans do the same thing this country does when we disobey. The family faced extraordinary high fines, failure to pay results in property seizure, children removed, and constant harassment.

Now that they are technically illegal aliens, can't they stay like all the others.