Comment: okay Mr. cbat maybe I don't belong on here.

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okay Mr. cbat maybe I don't belong on here.

I used to be a libertarian though, but I am no longer one and you want to know why because libertarians are the biggest hypocrites I've ever met. You always say oh I don't need the government for anything but when shtf you guys are always the first ones in line to try to collect a check from the the government.let's take some examples.

1. Ron Paul – collects a Social Security check.

2. Ayn Rand-chain-smoking welfare case.

3. John Stossel – got a government refund check when his house was destroyed by a hurricane.

Even though I've never collected one dime from the government. I realize that one day I might need some kind of help and I'm not about to condemn those who do need some kind of help.

Oh and I know your excuse you libertarians always use to collect money from the government. You always say "oh well I'm only trying to break the system. I'm only trying to destroy it faster"

Really so you're so much more noble than I am because you're collecting money from the government to break the system and I'm collecting money from the government because I need the help what kind of BS is that

So tell me Mr. C Batt how many times have you collected money from the government. How many times have you gotten some kind of bailout.And if you haven't done it already you will. You all will.