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Not picking sides

Not picking sides, but there is a reasonable point to this person's argument, despite their implication that obeying the Constitution is a "hobby" for R.E.P. There is something very insightful about congressmen "interpreting" the Constitution. There is no room for interpretation. Period. I found that a valuable thing to point out. And they're right: Ron Paul isn't loved in his district because everyone in Galveston TX reads Hayek, Mises, and Rothbard. I personally loved Rand's filibuster despite the fact that it came out of a political strategy meeting with Jesse Benton. However, attacking the Federal Reserve was at the heart of all of Ron Paul's ideas and messages.

The FED is the common denominator and the systemic problem that plagues our country. There is no doubt that it is responsible for the carte blanche of the DHS, Pentagon, and the M.I.C. in general. We're all used to hearing the response to abolishing the gov't: "but who will build the roads?" Well, here's another one to think about: "Abolish the Fed." "But who will build the drones?"

I saw Sen. Warren's interview in an actual Commie rag by Michael Moore entitled: "Capitalism: A Love Story" (which is a load of garbage and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they want to burst a blood vessel). She was put in a position of authority to manage TARP, but actually started asking the question, "Where the hell did all the money go?" She does not seem like a bought-and-paid-for shill and I'm thankful it is her in there and not the Republican Fascist/Playgirl Centerfold/ Punchline of a joke that is Scott Brown.

But the main point is this: What kind of libertarian shuts down completely and reverts to accusations of communism when someone has a different opinion? Does anyone else agree that this is a wrench in the wheels of the liberty movement in general? Generally, political opinions are predisposed before getting into a discussion about it, and discussions often turn into arguments on how to prove the other person is wrong. Not always, but often. And when someone is wrong, calling them a Commie Sheep will not get them to agree with you. It will alienate them.

I've gotten in many a debate with my own sister about liberty and the message of freedom. She actually IS a commie sheeperson who once told me that the Constitution was better before the Bill Of Rights was added...Needless to say, that is an uphill battle that I've all but given up fighting.

But this post is from someone who clearly loves liberty as they have been a DP member for 5 years. And we're eating them like we're in the Donner Party! We are so hypocritical! "Do whatever you want and say whatever you want and differences of opinion are a beautiful thing that make the world go 'round...except for your's, you STATIST SCUM..."