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Revolt FTL

If justice is what the people want, justice is what they'll get.

Everybody wants to be free, or at least that's what they claim. Everybody wants justice, or at least that's what they claim. You'll only be free when you have your liberty, and in a world that wants what injustice offers, you'll never have your liberty without justice.

Throwing out our leaders won't work. Revolts won't work. Revolution won't work. What we need is a renaissance built on a foundation of liberty, and then I promise, no revolts will be required. There will be NOTHING that can stop us, and that's what Elenour Clift fears.

She doesn't fear revolt. Revolt will legitimize her position. She fears Rand Paul and Libertarians, but not because we're preparing for any kind of revolt.

We're preparing for a world that stops listening to her and starts serving justice rather than injustice.