Comment: It only took me a few minutes to fact check

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It only took me a few minutes to fact check

some of your statements. Kentucky has a Democrat Governor with a majority of Dems in the House but a majority of Reps in the Sentate. I bet they disagree on how to handle things a lot of the time. The unemployment rate has fallen sharply in 2012 to under 8% (which can mean nothing if people have given up looking for a job) but as a statistic does not make them the highest in the country. The state has seen slow, steady growth which according to some is the best kind as it means businesses are looking long term. Kentucky is somewhere around the 8th to the last in per capita income so it is not the poorest. Rand personally worked on the Hemp farming bill which could bring jobs and money to Kentucky.

In a battle that lasted 13 seconds 9 students were wounded and 4 were dead. Do you think any of us every thought Pres. Nixon would send the National Guard to do that? What's to stop the next president from using the government's latest toy, the drone.

I don't want our politicans to interpret our Constitution, I want them to uphold our Constitution. That is their oath.

You've been here a long time and I've read some of your comments. This doesn't sound like you. Is something wrong? If so, let us try to help.