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I'm also a Texan..

who is worried about intervention...and I saw Ron, Rand and Ted in Austin last May when he endorsed him. There were many skeptical folks there, from old school birchers to end the fed ron paul republicans. But all loved the issues where he stood.

he also seems genuine. He's good on 95% of the issues...if the only 5% is the israel thing...we're better off with him than others.

I'm following him closely....

I posted this a while back:

"from National Review:

"On foreign policy, Cruz is less than sanguine about nation building: “I don’t think we should be engaged in long-term nation building. I think there are too many nations on earth to build up, and it’s not our military’s job.” When asked about Afghanistan and Iraq, Cruz is cautious. After a few munches on his sandwich, he says, “What I don’t think is acceptable is for us just to stay there in perpetuity and try to rebuild each nation into a perfect utopia. That’s not our job and not our role. I think we have an important role stopping and killing terrorists.”"

Also...a thread that was skeptical of Ted posted this:

"he fails to mention anything about the Empire and the Wars. If you can't see that War is the Health of the State, you really cannot be for "shrinking government" because you fail to see what grows it.

Now, Ted Cruz does come with some endorsements. Rand and Ron Paul, Sarah Palin....and he does really have the gift of talking good... He sounds off on obeying the Constitution, Small government, cutting spending.... He sounded great on Hannity, but not a word about defense cuts. I did not hear a word about legalizing freedom: ie ending the patriot act, NDAA, SOPA, CISPA, the Drug War.

So i don't know if we really have a clever Republican adopting the Ron Paul small govt rhetoric, without the foreign policy and bill of rights stuff.

He could be just another Mark Rubio failure all over again.

See here: "


we have seen him STAND for the Bill of Rights, and Show us that he is not what Rubio has been. It's still a toss up as to far down the rabbit hole he comes to our side on foreign policy..but it's a lot better position than a neocon.!/Agonzo1