Comment: You say that the hypocrisy is

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You say that the hypocrisy is

You say that the hypocrisy is what drove you from libertarianism.

I've heard people use the hypocrisy argument for many things, so what I am about to say can apply to anything, not just libertarianism or even political or religious ideas, but anything that people reject based on the reason they call "the hypocrisy".

Please clear your mind and THINK slowly and carefully with me for a minute.

Hypocrisy means that a person's actions don't fit their stated beliefs, correct? The actions are one thing, the stated beliefs are clearly different than that; two different things, right?
So when you were a libertarian, which one did you agree with, the actions of the people, or the stated beliefs of those people?

Did the libertarian ideas become bad BECAUSE people weren't being consistent to them? Or were the actions bad BECAUSE the people weren't following their libertarian ideas?

One of them was wrong, so it's either the ideas or the actions. Which was it?

I'll put it to you another way.

Imagine that you are with some people on a raft that was falling apart in a storm and a boat came to save you, and all of you said that the boat would save you and were adamant about that. If none of the others got on the boat but clinged to the collapsing raft while still saying that getting into the boat would save them, would that be a logical reason for you to NOT get into the boat?

THAT is just as logical as using "the hypocrisy" argument to reject something.