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To sum up...

the Geraldo interview:

Ron is proud that Rand
1) stood for 13 hours
2) became an eye doctor
3) is spreading information about the US Govt challenges to civil liberties.


But no comments on Rand's wanting to preserve Israel's aid while reducing aid to Israel's enemies. And Rand saying that Israel settling the West Bank is none of our business when Ron said Israel was breaking international law, committing genocide, running concentration camps, and engaging in ethnic cleansing.

And no comment from Ron on Rand wanting to pay interest on the debt to the banksters as the first step to fiscal reform when Ron says we have no choice but to default on that debt because it is fraudulent and mathematically impossible to pay back.

Ron and Rand disagree on the two most important issues to Ron: ending the empire and a return to sound money. The money counterfeiting allows us to go into debt to "pay" for the wars and Israel is the justification for the wars.

My original assertion stands...

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~