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Damage Assessment

Rand certainly made a lot of noise, he brought nationwide attention to the use of drones against American citizens.

But, if his goal was to stop the confirmation of Brennan, or get any meaningful concessions from the White House, then he did not succeed on that objective.

The confirmation went ahead, and Eric Holder gave an answer to a loaded question that he himself created.

Rand rubber stamped Holder's response and declared victory, re-framing the debate to whether an American is a "combatant" or not.

I don't think that would qualify as a success, if the objective was a concession on the part of the White House.

He was however successful in bringing attention to drone use on Americans.

But, he may have done a great disservice to the debate by allowing Holder to re-frame it, negating much of attention brought to the subject, giving those who were paying attention a false sense of resolution when he failed to take Holder to task on his response and declared victory.

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