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Comment: Sigh Fishy

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Sigh Fishy

Sigh, I can’t garden much this year because the next 6 months of my life includes me packing up and moving every few weeks. I love gardening though… It is relaxing.

“We want to grow goji berries” That would be cool, I would love to grow some gooseberries, but I have not looked into it yet, maybe next year.

“I discovered this utterly disgusting brew recommended by Sepp Holzer.” Do you know if it works on raccoons? The raccoons have been my biggest enemy the past 2 seasons.

Nice tip on the nasty soil. I never had that problem in Michigan or Washington, but I will keep that tip in mind if I find myself someplace where the soil is not friendly.

My gardens have evolved from tomatoes and raspberries to include asparagus, squash, carrots, rhubarb, zucchini, and last year I added in blueberries, but they did not do so well for reasons I have yet to understand. I shall try again next time I am in a position to have a cool garden.

I also want to start a rose garden someday. Good luck with the tobacco, and enjoy your gardening this season, I am jealous.