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Here's the bone sauce recipe

I think it would work on raccoons. I suspect the smell of burnt bone is what does it, and animals just have an instinct to warn them away from a spot where another animal got burnt... just my guess. My problem was voles would dig an inch or two under the ground, then chew the roots off the trunk. I think it would work on non-burrowing mammals, though. I did have some trouble with grasshoppers, they would land above where I treated the saplings. A couple blueberries were among the voles' victims. :( Gooseberries grow wild on the place, though. I found one just loaded with fruit last year, and went to pick them and once I started picking them my COW started to eat them! (Bad Bessie!) I thought that was fascinating - she had not touched them until she saw me gather them. I also have wild roses, I am going to try to harvest hips and make rose oil this fall. I love wild roses, I don't EVER want a cultivar again. Yes, they are lovely. Yes, some of them smell heavenly. Yes, they try to eat me alive every time I try to be nice to them... As least the wild ones don't need pruned! This is the kind of "rose" I am into:
(I just learned that recently, fascinating!)
I'm sorry you can't garden this year. If your travels take you near Idaho, stop by for a salad - lol!

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