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About 25 years ago

I lived in a beautiful part of Bucks County a bit north of Philadelphia. I was employed as a carpenter on major projects in the metropolitan area. The electric company, or PECO as it was known, had built a nuclear reactor on the Schuylkill river way on the other side of the next county. Peco had purchased a swath of land across two counties to build a pipeline from the Delaware River with a pumping station to be placed in a bucolic little village called Point Pleasant. The locals were understandably upset about this and proceeded to throw every roadblock possible in the way.
I was employed by the contractor on this project, which was less than 5 miles from my home, and refused to work on it. Instead I traveled all the way to near the Phila. Airport to work on the last link of I-95. Well this project shut down for about three years as it wound it's way through the courts. As expected PECO prevailed and work recommenced on the project. I rationalized that it would be built with me or without me and as I was the father of a newborn as well as a three year old took the job.
As a stategy they had imported Abby Hoffman as an activist against this project making our lives a bit miserable at first. Unfortunately for Abby he woke up dead one morning. My plan to hang a bedsheet from the job saying PECO 1 ABBY 0 was quickly nixxed.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.