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You seem to be hung up on the fact that you cannot discern

the obvious. (well, you would be 'hung up' if you actually had a clue)

I guess wearing black masks and breaking windows was so successful they think juvenile delinqency will work on the net.

That alone, tells me how utterly clueless you are. Have you any fucking clue that you're talking about Black Bloc which has been run by FBI COINTELPRO since 1999 WTO protests? This is mainline historical FACT. You really are a clueless f'ng douche.

You honestly delude that Blac Block morons are the same ones who read Murray N. Rothbard, Lysander Spooner, and Frederic Bastiat?

You really are utterly helplessly clueless. I truly had no idea how delusional you really were. Wow.

You're the most brainwashed person I've ever met on DailyPaul. Your geopolitical acumen is less sharper than house flea's.

THAT, is your problem. You literally have ZERO CLUE WTF you're blabbing about. It'd be like if I saw a bunch of window and property burning assholes and a TV crew came and they screamed "We're Constitutionalists! We're Constitutionalists!" Your reaction will be "oh so those assholes must be Constitutionalists!"

Me watching the same TV broadcast? "Wow, these are assholes who are trying to smear Constitutionalists."

Really Mark Hanson, you truly need to learn to discern modern media.

Your reference to Black Bloc alone tells me how little you know, about anything. Up till then, I actually thought at least you wouldn't so gullible as to fall for propaganda. Hesus Cristos, you are cluelessly gullible.

If anarchists aren't interested in RP's and DP's mission of "Restoring Constitutional Government To The United States Of America", what are they doing at DP?

Um, because DailyPaul is not Ron Paul's personal site, and we've been discussing his strain of Constitutionalism with Anarcho-Capitalism, Agorism, Voluntaryism, Minarchism, libertarianism, Paleo-Conservatism, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG before you ever came along, decided you needed to purge the new forum that you just joined of all the AnCaps who coexisted beautifully with others.

Besides, we're like a close distant family, and we've fleshed out these ideas/differences among each other waaaaaaaay before you came along.

So sorry bud, you're simply too late to the party, and we don't feel like repeating it. You still don't get that?

The fact that you cannot coexist with others who think differently from you, worse, you're sooooooooooo insecure, the mere thought of AnCaps being related to Dr. Paul and his ideas, is some world ending anathema to you. Ever notice how Dr. Paul practically has friends and professional colleagues who share all the various strain of -isms in the Freedom Movement that I just cited above, without being a dick, like you?

Question is, why aren't you trying to emulate Dr. Paul?

Like I said, I cannot find a market to buy you a clue, not in FRN's, gold, or bitcoins.

Seriously, I've seen less insecure personalities on the neoCon Sean Insanity forum, it makes it all the worse, because you're here on DailyPaul.

What's hilarious is that you actually cannot fathom the concept that you're the one who is new here, bitching at long time members that their views suck, and want them gone, when it'll be simply easier for yourself if YOU are the one who exits.

Capice? You're new. We've been here coexisting peacefully, and you honestly think it's weird that we think you're the problem!


Seriously, bemuse me more darlin' bemuse me more.

PS: You can't take a hint.

That alone tells me you've never had a girlfriend; No means no, capice?

Can you read? No really? Can you?

I know it's kinda cute with the whole YouTube gen to be unable to actually comprehend and rebut what you're 'reading' and yammer on with non sequiturs, and make yourself 'win' by embellishing yourself on things you've never done.

But really, have you any clue?

You're like the annoying clueless kid that every girl said no to, not because you're ugly or unfashionable or something, it's because you're being an asshole.

Is THAT clear??

You have got to be the most deliciously deliriously cluelessly insensate, daft person who argues endlessly about not a single point of initial debate.

So... you think I'm attacking you personally because I 'can't' make merited philosophical arguments? LOL. THAT fork in the road, passed long ago, when I never heard of you, and your 1st introduction to me was basically, 'hey FU, you're one of "THOSE" people. You don't have anything of worth to say, because you're promoting 'anarchic-barbarism!"

I was like, are you friggin' for real?.... At DailyPaul...of all places, a month-member troll asshole who annoys the hell out of yrs long members to STFU?

Ever heard of 'you started it, you asked for it?'

You know that little point of personal impression that determines whether people treat you like a person, or the asshole you're acting like? Well, you kinda took a deep dump into the asshole pool from the get go. You got no one to blame but yourself for all your projective insecurities. The fact that I'm responding you see as "hung up," but hey, what can I say, I have a certain amount of daily bemusement fulfillment quota to fill, and you just happen to be my sh*ttart for the week.

I can reply with a 1000page treatise, your answer's not gonna be any different than below.

Here's you in a nutshell:

You: Hey FU! How you doin', even though it's 1st time 'meeting you.' 'You're one of THOSE people

Me: Awwww another clueless self absorbed internet a-hole! wee!

You: Me crusader. You scum. You hide behind RP, DP, Constitution!
Me: I did?

You: You're avoiding my greatness! You cannot argue with me!
Me: I was?

You: Anarchism cannot be limited govt!
Me: I know, it can't because it's lack of govt. And... so what are you arguing?

You: Anarchism is barbarism!
Me: Huh? Did I step onto a TV show?

You: You're avoiding me! Argue me on my merits!
Me: Um, your intro kinda sucked; You approached me like an asshole, so I'm simply treating you like the way you want to be treated: an asshole.


We're on about Spin Cyle 4.

You wanna keep going? 'Cause the only one answering seems to be me, and you keep cutting and pasting your same reply, over and over. It's getting pointlessly boring.

That, is why no one is responding to you like a human, because you're not acting like one, oBUSHma SockPuppet, hiding behind "Constitutionalism" and 'see, that's what it even says on top of DP banner!'

No, I'm just not that into you. Not that interested in you, what you have to say, or what you think you have to say.

But go forth! I bless thee upon the altars of your awesomely awesome quixotic crusade to rout the DailyPaul of the Anarcho Barbarism.

You need a brigade? A Calvary! A Trojan Horse? Begin my friend begin! I think your D&D board is getting lonely.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul