Comment: Let's haul in the native

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Let's haul in the native

This is often helpful but also often seen as hostile. But being part native always allows me to take the different perspective.

OK, the answer is no for me because for us, as your definition of wealth is what you CREATE OR CONSTRUCT from the Earth whereas our definition of wealth and our definition of ourselves is based on THE LAND ITSELF.

Now "you" own the land thence we are dispossessed and in a literal sense YOU OWN US. All of the reservations are federally administered and controlled. You are the "dominant culture" to us thence no. And at various points and places we were enslaved to dominant culture but it turned out that we just don't make very good slaves, we die without our connection to the land so "you guys" started importing Africans who turned out to be much more resilient and adaptable to hereditary bond slavery.

Frankly the native side of me is still in stupified amazement that we no longer have our land, we no longer have much of any land and somebody else is living where we used to live and in our way we're SUPPOSED to live there. Who's gonna sing to the waters and the fish? Who's gonna talk to the trees? Who's gonna take care of the animals?

"We do not own land, the land owns us". But now the laws of man separate us from this relationship and the law was simple conquest. Yes there are all kinds of "talking leaves" to document and somehow make official this taking but the fact is that we are a militarily defeated people. We lost, you won, end of story. We tried and tried to beat you but you were too powerful and you beat us.

I am a product of a post-genocide. Why am I "part indian"? Because when the Dutch came for "my people" one of my ancestors had intermarried, had married a white man and him and his buddies tried to hide out as many of their women and the kids and whomever they could. They were in this successful. Here I am. And for a while there we had this dual culture thing going and there were certain things we were able to hide, to preserve for the future. And now is that future so I and certain persons like myself are attempting to divulge. But it doesn't exactly come naturally. To expose things we kept so carefully hidden so so many generations takes time.

So again, no. The only land I or we "own" at this point are a few burial plots and one of them is mine. Two of them actually, I get to lie with my matrilineal side or my patrilineal side and if I get cremated I can lie with both! And this might sound strange but that is an ABSOLUTE NATIVE REQUIREMENT. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO US OR BEAUSE OF US IN THIS LIFE WE, ALL NATIVES HAVE A BIOLOGICALLY BUILT IN INSTINCT TO LIE WITH THE BONES OF OUR ANCESTORS, IT'S EVERYTHING TO US. SO THAT OUR BONES BECOME PART OF THE MOUNTAINS. OUR MOUNTAINS. Which aren't ours anymore.

So we take comfort that we will be ultimately restored to the land which owns us.

So again, no.

And that's a native take.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.