Comment: One of the things that stuck w me from his speech

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One of the things that stuck w me from his speech

Was the thing about people not wanting to donate to wiki leaks out of fear they'd end up on a government list (potentially for aiding a group that the government doesn't approve of). That really bothered me because it's an intimidation move by government.

In response, I came up w an idea that I wanted to run by everyone. I'm thinking this can be a "fight for liberty" type project that we can work on that is outside of the election process. My idea is that people are afraid as individuals to donate to wiki leaks so what if we could get large numbers of people to donate at the same time? Can they arrest us all? Why can't we copy the approach from "" where people pledge money for a cause but the money is only taken if Krugman agrees to have the debate. Why can't we only take that money once we get a certain number of people donating? Maybe 100,000? 500,000? I'm open to suggestions. But I'd add another twist to it. Why don't we request that people donate only $1. In other words, "donate a token amount of money". Even if people are against wiki leaks maybe they can be persuaded to donate on the grounds of defending our right to donate to the cause of free speech ( "I may disagree with what you say but I defend to the death your right to say it")

If its only $1, the fees for processing the credit card alone would take a chunk out of that money. So again, people who truly don't agree w Assange might still be willing to donate.

If this goes viral, it would sure create an interesting problem for TPTB. Are they going to label large groups of Americans terrorists for making a token contribution to the cause of defending our right to donate to groups that the establishment doesn't like?

What do people think of this idea?