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Comment: Ownership is Conceptual

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Ownership is Conceptual

There are two things in this world.
Reality and Concepts.

Reality is what actually exists, it is locatable, verifiable, and true.
Concepts are internal, subjective, phantoms that we use to perceive reality.

Does "ownership" actually exist in reality, is it a true, locatable thing that can be verified? No.
Is it conceptual, does it exist as an imagination, internal and subjective?

Owning someone/something doesn't actually exist. Therefore nobody can enslave you, as enslavement itself is simply a concept.
What actually exists in this world are the real laws that all of nature is governed by.
Because of this we have the natural laws that we naturally follow, just as the cells that compose us have order and when uninterrupted they do not revolt. When our natural order is not interrupted we are content and do not revolt.

What this all comes down to is we feel our natural order is being impeded/interrupted/attacked and we seek to rebalance ourselves in our natural environment. Let us recognize what is unnatural and remedy it. Obviously, it is those hiding in the ranks of the "deep government" throwing a wrench in the gears of the world. Get rid of them, harmonize, and enjoy life.