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Freedom's Remnant, I appreciate your attempt to bridge...

the divide between anarchists and those who advocate for limited gov't while opposing anarchy. The only problem is history, for example, four thousand years ago the core principle of the Hammurabic Code was "the strong shall not injure the weak". This Code was a response to barbarism which is based on only one law, i.e., the strong will dominate the weak.

Anarchism/voluntaryism suggests that in a stateless society, millions of years of human aggression will vanish, and like magic, people will voluntarily comply with the fabled Non-Aggression Principle. This is absurd, so I've concluded that anarchism is just a front for those who believe in the "freedom" afforded by barbarism.

You say the power elite has no intention of giving up a rules based system, well, anarchists always say anarchism doesn't mean the absence of rules. (Rand Paul: One person can make a difference) (Fast and Furious hearing)