Comment: Voluntaryism as an end goal.. not a good end goal IMO

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Voluntaryism as an end goal.. not a good end goal IMO

I am a volunteer.

I was a volunteer before I knew what a volunteer was. It's an addiction, and one that I've had to take control over, which it's hard to control one's addictions, so in an effort to balance my life with work that benefits my own needs and wants.

Volunteering can span a wide range of activities some which are good and some good intended, and the bigger the non-profit the more paid jobs they have and government connections.. it doesn't replace government.. it is part of the government already.. I've had to pay to be a volunteer, give blood, had background checks I had to pay for, sign contracts with cities, states, counties, national and federal government when I adopted a campground in Los Padres National Forest..planted 3000 willows to restore an aquafir trampled by cattle (owned should have been fined IMO) anyways.. all volunteer jobs, even when you do it all yourself.. picking up trash.. is helping a government department.. and I'm not knocking that, I'm just saying that there is nothing wrong with getting paid because it's genuinly appreciated, rather than someone who never picks up trash gets paid to pick up trash...