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Comment: Reality Bites

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Reality Bites

The world is in a state of anarchy already... always has been, and always will be.

Those of us who are anarcho-capitalists focus our teachings on the golden rule/non-agression principle in order to convince others within the liberty movement that it is ok to withdraw consent from the rule of those who use force, that it is ok to voluntarily submit to peaceful "laws" (norms/customs/habits), and that it is ok to expect to be left alone.

That is the whole of it. Anarchy is not the absence of law or rules, it is the absence of rulers. The world elite submit to no one. There is a state of anarchy between them. That they are working toward a one world government proves that individuals need not have rulers in order to cooperate. It is on us as individuals to withdraw consent from the down stream effects of their efforts.

You have it backwards, it is not that we should submit them to the same laws to which they have submitted us. It is that we should claim for ourselves the self same liberty that they have claimed for themselves.

How did voluntaryists become a pariah here? Long time DPers should embrace the ideological purity and energy of the ancaps.