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Oh Really??

No, really?

The only problem is history, for example, four thousand years ago the core principle of the Hammurabic Code was "the strong shall not injure the weak". This Code was a response to barbarism which is based on only one law, i.e., the strong will dominate the weak.

All the ancient origins, translation variances, legitimacy, illegitimacy, occult Babylonian/Sumerian/JudeoChristian progenitorship aside, have you actually read the Code of Hammurabi??

'Cause I actually have read the Code of Hammurabi.

So that, is your idea of "the strong shall not injure the weak"??

You think this is different from any statist govt of today who never follow the Constitution that it does have, deems it has arbitrary 'moral' authority to adjudicate who should, or should not live?

I know this will be a novel concept for you Mark Hanson, but I want you to actually read what the Hammurabic Code actually states, not what you imagine it to be.

But since I know you won't actually read it, for a shortcut, just CTRL+F "death," and click highlight, then scroll down to see just how many instances and how many manner the State justifies it, or someone it sanctioned, can be dictated to murder you:

1. If any one ensnare another, putting a ban upon him, but he can not prove it, then he that ensnared him shall be put to death.

2. If any one bring an accusation against a man, and the accused go to the river and leap into the river, if he sink in the river his accuser shall take possession of his house. But if the river prove that the accused is not guilty, and he escape unhurt, then he who had brought the accusation shall be put to death, while he who leaped into the river shall take possession of the house that had belonged to his accuser.

3. If any one bring an accusation of any crime before the elders, and does not prove what he has charged, he shall, if it be a capital offense charged, be put to death.
6. If any one steal the property of a temple or of the court, he shall be put to death, and also the one who receives the stolen thing from him shall be put to death.

7. If any one buy from the son or the slave of another man, without witnesses or a contract, silver or gold, a male or female slave, an ox or a sheep, an ass or anything, or if he take it in charge, he is considered a thief and shall be put to death.

8. If any one steal cattle or sheep, or an ass, or a pig or a goat, if it belong to a god or to the court, the thief shall pay thirtyfold therefor; if they belonged to a freed man of the king he shall pay tenfold; if the thief has nothing with which to pay he shall be put to death.

9. If any one lose an article, and find it in the possession of another: if the person in whose possession the thing is found say "A merchant sold it to me, I paid for it before witnesses," and if the owner of the thing say, "I will bring witnesses who know my property," then shall the purchaser bring the merchant who sold it to him, and the witnesses before whom he bought it, and the owner shall bring witnesses who can identify his property. The judge shall examine their testimony -- both of the witnesses before whom the price was paid, and of the witnesses who identify the lost article on oath. The merchant is then proved to be a thief and shall be put to death. The owner of the lost article receives his property, and he who bought it receives the money he paid from the estate of the merchant.

10. If the purchaser does not bring the merchant and the witnesses before whom he bought the article, but its owner bring witnesses who identify it, then the buyer is the thief and shall be put to death, and the owner receives the lost article.

11. If the owner do not bring witnesses to identify the lost article, he is an evil-doer, he has traduced, and shall be put to death.

14. If any one steal the minor son of another, he shall be put to death.

15. If any one take a male or female slave of the court, or a male or female slave of a freed man, outside the city gates, he shall be put to death.

16. If any one receive into his house a runaway male or female slave of the court, or of a freedman, and does not bring it out at the public proclamation of the major domus, the master of the house shall be put to death.

19. If he hold the slaves in his house, and they are caught there, he shall be put to death.

20. If the slave that he caught run away from him, then shall he swear to the owners of the slave, and he is free of all blame.

21. If any one break a hole into a house (break in to steal), he shall be put to death before that hole and be buried.

22. If any one is committing a robbery and is caught, then he shall be put to death.

26. If a chieftain or a man (common soldier), who has been ordered to go upon the king's highway for war does not go, but hires a mercenary, if he withholds the compensation, then shall this officer or man be put to death, and he who represented him shall take possession of his house.

33. If a ... or a ... enter himself as withdrawn from the "Way of the King," and send a mercenary as substitute, but withdraw him, then the ... or ... shall be put to death.

34. If a ... or a ... harm the property of a captain, injure the captain, or take away from the captain a gift presented to him by the king, then the ... or ... shall be put to death.

109. If conspirators meet in the house of a tavern-keeper, and these conspirators are not captured and delivered to the court, the tavern-keeper shall be put to death.

110. If a "sister of a god" open a tavern, or enter a tavern to drink, then shall this woman be burned to death.

115. If any one have a claim for corn or money upon another and imprison him; if the prisoner die in prison a natural death, the case shall go no further.

116. If the prisoner die in prison from blows or maltreatment, the master of the prisoner shall convict the merchant before the judge. If he was a free-born man, the son of the merchant shall be put to death; if it was a slave, he shall pay one-third of a mina of gold, and all that the master of the prisoner gave he shall forfeit.

130. If a man violate the wife (betrothed or child-wife) of another man, who has never known a man, and still lives in her father's house, and sleep with her and be surprised, this man shall be put to death, but the wife is blameless.

150. If a man give his wife a field, garden, and house and a deed therefor, if then after the death of her husband the sons raise no claim, then the mother may bequeath all to one of her sons whom she prefers, and need leave nothing to his brothers.

210. If the woman die, his daughter shall be put to death.

227. If any one deceive a barber, and have him mark a slave not for sale with the sign of a slave, he shall be put to death, and buried in his house. The barber shall swear: "I did not mark him wittingly," and shall be guiltless.

229 If a builder build a house for some one, and does not construct it properly, and the house which he built fall in and kill its owner, then that builder shall be put to death.

230. If it kill the son of the owner the son of that builder shall be put to death.

Those are out of 282 translated "laws" that you deem to free us from "barbarism." Now I see why you're the sole self-proclaimed paragon of virtue and righteousness here at the DailyPaul.

Now, don't get me wrong, every human has a right to lethally defend oneself and others against initiation of force and in some cases, in protection of property. For most of the above cited capital offense? Cheney would love you.

But, I'm just so glad to know that you would've been on the 'right' side of history: if you actually followed the Hammurabic Code, you'd have cheered on the state murdering all the operators of the Underground Railroad, and all fugitive slave harboring pastors, deacons, and everyday citizen abolitionists. Bravo Mark Hanson, bravo!

Thanks for justifying and referring all here to you Mark'I love Black Bloc FBI COINTELPRO'Hanson's personal CommieF3CK Stalinist Occultist Satanist Death Manual.

Oh Great One, deliver us from the evils of "Anarcho-Barbarism" by providing us with your ever non-"barbaric" Stalinist Death Manual!

This is absurd, so I've concluded that anarchism is just a front for those who believe in the "freedom" afforded by barbarism.

So, basically, Mark Hanson: 'You suck! Me Rock! I'm the Decider! I concluded it so, and so shall it be! You don't like my conclusions? You're all Barbarians! I don't do namecalling, except when I do! Rahrrrr!'

Did I tell you how much we LOVE having you here? You are an endless well of living, breathing, absurdity, mein Freund! Let me start up your Gas Chambers! Is the train coming? Let me check the schedule.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul