Comment: My taxes have gone down

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My taxes have gone down

I've lived in Sandy Springs for the past 12 years. When they created the city I just assumed that property taxes would go up just due to the loss of the economy of scale. Many were scaremongers about it. But my taxes have probably gone down about 10%. The roads have been paved very nicely and the police and other services seem to be very responsive. A few times I've seen issues, I've emailed the mayor and the issue was correctly shortly thereafter. The nice thing to boot is that they are running a surplus and have built up a nice reserve fund to pay for upcoming improvements like a new town hall and town center development.

It seemed that there had been and probably still is a lot of crony capitalism in the Atlanta City government and also Fulton County. A government closest to the people is a more responsive government.

I have not seen any speed traps around I-285.

Tim Maitski
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