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Awesome but a little balance...

the whole aspect of beign hurt that we got conquested by Europeans, well, a lot of the time we were busy conquesting each other. Was there evil in native america? Might certainly depend on your cultural viewpoint but that's what made us so conquestable: the whole concept of being a "native american" is totally new. For all of pre-recorded history, if I'm from one tribe as far as I'm concerned we are human beings and you aren't. There wasn't in some cases any recognition that we were the same genus or species or class of being. And you probably have no self-awareness of being an INDIVIDUAL. You are an expression of the tribe. And death has a totally different significance, you aren't worried about it because YOU CAN'T DIE. The tribe that gave you life lives. And we cross over and become reunited with our ancestors and MAINTAIN THE TRIBE.

Traditinoally we're not even supposed to say that word but rather make the cut-off sign but these are new times.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.