Comment: I would like to have a discussion about this

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I would like to have a discussion about this

I can definitely see where you're coming from in how the logic follows once you've established the initial line of reasoning (I agree with the conclusion that you own the product of your labor and that all actions should be voluntary, and I see how that can follow from owning yourself,)

however, my problem is that I'm not entirely convinced that humans are property or that we're owned by anyone. Can anyone explain the line of reasoning behind this?

Why should anyone, even me, 'own' me?

What qualifier of 'property' do I meet?

Am I similar to other property? If so, in what respect?

If I own me, may I pass ownership of myself onto others? Would they then own the product of my labor?

I'm not trying to just shoot down the theory, I just need further reasoning to be convinced. I hope it's just healthy skepticism.