Comment: It's tough to predict the end

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It's tough to predict the end

It's tough to predict the end of the financial system. We all know the dollar will collapse/change/revalue in the future. However, the big question is when. New York and London are currently still the financial capitals of the World and I would think that the average stock buyer would consider them "safer" than China due to the our financial standards and military backing. It takes a special type of person to recognize, decide, and act on moving finances from the "center of the financial universe" to other locations. I personally don't speak/read Chinese and would be hesitant to know how to filter the frauds from the real opportunities in China. Jim Rogers and a whole lot of wealthy commodity traders have moved to Asia. They certainly have figured out the real opportunities from the frauds. I'm sure there are mutual funds targeted for China only investments that could give someone exposure for a small fee.

We've been getting warning about the end of our financial system for the last hundred years. The real trick is to know when to bail. I haven't figured that one out yet.