Comment: Is never going to happen.

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Is never going to happen.

Is never going to happen. You say the expression of thought and the ability to understand; these both require thinking and the vast majority have no desire to do that(think). There can be no expression of thought if there is no thought originally, and there can be no understanding without thinking and questioning.

People don't question therefore they do not think; they just accept. Since they do not think, they cannot express that which they do not do. How can one understand without exploring why something is or how it works? If one does not understand then how can they teach someone else? People may be able to accomplish a myraid of tasks, but don't think even the most technical of these tasks requires that much understanding; for our education system creates Biological Computers/Robots.

Also, there seems to be a correlation between intelligence and the number of children, such that the less intelligent have more children. Therefore, the more people dependent on government will out-breed those who desire liberty.

There is no way goodness can prevail under those circumstances. I wish it weren't so; unfortunately it is.