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Here's the Story on the Cardboard

Well so the water bed liner will not work its to small so I need to figure out how to build a custom tank for cheap. The conventional method is to build one out of wood and user a pond liner. But pond liners are dam expensive. Thought about using a couple of barrels connected with large pipe but I want a little bigger tank for the fish. So in my travels I ran across this guy on youtub who builds pools out of cardoard.. Yep that's right I said cardboard LOL! So its got my gears turning here check it out:

It's actually not a bad idea and most of all cheap. I don't think I will use cardboard this time around because I don't know how long it will last but it could lend it self to some cool shapes. However some thin plywood or ceder fence pickets instead would be better I am thinking. His water proofing method is pretty clever I thought. What I may do is build the tank of wood and water proof it like he does and try a small test tank out of cardboard just to see how long it will last... hey if it works we could call it Cardboard Aquaponics LOL!

Well I am off to check out some hard rock covering and price it etc...

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