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Something is channeling it...

Something is channeling it I have been researching and preaching it for years and been in an AP meetup since 2011 and been gonna do it all that time but time money being out of work etc. have all got in the way. Now all of a sudden even though circumstance haven't really changed I am on fire to do it not just for me but so I can teach people. So maybe the same channel is broadcasting world wide LOL.

It just might be the ultimate urban gardening there is along with Hugelkultur. Veggies and protein (fish) using a tenth the water and food grows twice as fast using half or less the space then conventional etc. With all the ship going on right now people need this knowledge.

Seriously I am having visions of walking my neighborhood knocking doors to invite people to seminars in my back yard etc... So either I am just crazy, manic, or its time to shift gears as something is coming down soon... ;)

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