Comment: Yes the system was designed so no child is left behind.

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Yes the system was designed so no child is left behind.

Recruiters came and filled gullible high schoolers heads with lies about the glories of the military, just to get the enlistment and the their bonuses.

Chris Hedges War wrote "War is the Force that gives us meaning."

War is a Racket was USMC Major General Smedley Butler's warning.

Howard Zinn bombed European cities in WWII. He asked why? and wrote "The People's history of the United States."

My guess is that we disagree about the nature of productive service. Fire and Police services are hired by local jurisdictions to perform a job.

Fifty years I've watched and have yet to see the military as an organization provide any benefit to society or civilization.

But here is another opinion.

Certainly there have been good individuals, but was the good they did because of the military or in spite of it.

We now have Ron Paul, the DP, LRC, youtube and a slow awakening around us. That gives you a 50 year head start over me.

Good luck on you travels, may they end well.

Free includes debt-free!