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Here is the point I think we are missing...

Max and Gerald deal in reality. In a normal setting, in a fluid environment where a spade is a spade this house of cars should have collapsed a LONG time ago. So, based on their frame of reference, their knowledge of real world money, it SHOULD have already failed miserably!

They underestimated the power of the banksters to prop this up for so long.

Only Dr. Ron Paul got it right when he correctly predicted two years ago that they could run this charade for 10 more years if they wanted to...if they had the "military might" to enforce it.

I don't think even Dr. Paul expected this kind of backlash to rise up from the American people to put another flank out there against the globalists that they would have to reckon with. The banksters are being attacked from every angle and it will hasten their fall.

It is any day now. Only a false flag can make them declare martial law. Sandy Hoax failed miserably for them trying to take our protection from tyranny and only stirred the hornet's nest.

Prepare, folks. They are ruthless killers and will set off a dirty bomb. Its all they have left.

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