Comment: I got this buddy that beleives in hell

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I got this buddy that beleives in hell

He's one of the smartest guys I know, he's so smart that it literally takes TEAMS of us to decipher what he's talking about and honey bunches I'm not the dullest tool in the drawer. If you are smarter than me you are REALLY SMARTER THAN ME.

This man is not only smarter than me, he's a genius. He almost single-handedly developed the "quiet title defense" from home foreclosure and all these "play to patriot" gamers are ripping off his work and ripping off people but John (that's his name) will not hardly take a single penny for what he does. And he was part of the research for Aaron Russo's movie, Aaron trusted John as a scholar so to say I trust this man? With my life without question any day any time any night any minute any hour if he asks me for my life it's his. No questions.

Ok well he says that people that DON'T believe in hell will go to it.

I must with humility disagree.

Hell is a condition of being separated from God.

And where I will agree with John is the only people in hell are those that want to be there by choice because in life we have all seen people that just seem to thrive on hated and voilence or usury and they don't like themselves and they don't like anybody else and they are consumed in this whole hate attitude and that is unacceptable to God and to us that serve Him.

Like the people in hell are those who hate God and the rest of us. They don't prefer our company. They wouldn't sit next to us if we were the last seat in the room, they don't like us. So in a way they are happier in the place they are going to because they cannot abide the light, they are happier and more comfortable in shadows. So good. Let there be peace.

That's one of the first things God did according to the bible and I'm not even remotely trying to sell you on the bible or christianity, take whatever you want, it's just a really cool story but He separated light from darkness. He said "let there be light and let the light be separate from the darkness".

Guys I truly believe in my heart that we are in this light. It's much easier for me to see in you than I do me but you are God's children for your acts of heroism, your extremely kind and generous nature, how smart you are but then.....

But then I hang around patriots so I guess I see the very best humans.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.