Comment: If you don't own you, someone will.

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If you don't own you, someone will.

If there is a gold coin on the table in front of some random people, doesn't someone need to own that?

Even if it wasn't owned before, someone soon will!

A life has worth... Much more than the gold coin. If for no other reason that the vast fruit of your efforts over your lifetime.

If you don't claim yourself, there are nearly infinite people out there that would like to do so.

I'm not talking about slavemasters, either. Spouses, Bosses, Clergy, POLITICIANS... The list goes on... They all want to use you for something or some things that benefits them, as if your were a shared slave between them.

Sometimes we're ok with this form of slavery, usually it upsets us, rarely we can't take it... But all forms of it point to there being a need for self-ownership.