Comment: Neither is Ron Paul

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Neither is Ron Paul

Ron Paul isn't really a libertarian either and has stated so. He is more of a state's rights constitutionalist which is a heck of a lot closer to libertarianism than about any politician we have in Washington. Ron has said and believes the states have the ability to do many things that libertarians would not agree with like regulating drugs just not at the federal level.

Rand Paul has made choices I oppose drastically like the sanctions on Iran. But with that said he has made some very good votes, and stood up to even his fellow republicans on a lot of votes like his father. Its still early and Rand is not his father true.

In my opinion Rand Paul is currently the best chance to win the white house with the closest views to libertarianism, perfect no, but a land slide better than the likely other candidates in the running. Is Rand flawed sure, so was Gary Johnson and I voted for him last election. Personally I would prefer Justin Amash over Rand but I believe he won't be 35 till after the 2016 election so maybe for the 2020-2024 election.

Also these forums are not really the libertarian forums yes many on here consider themselves as such including myself but this site is more in support of Ron Paul and Liberty minded candidates and ideas in my opinion. If you know of any other candidate for president that fits the majority of our views feel free to point them out.