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A jeweler can stamp a 10k

A jeweler can stamp a 10k item as 14k as long as he tells the person he's selling it to that it's only 10k. They could stamp a piece of lead as .9999 gold if they wanted to. It's all about informing the customer of what it really is. If a jeweler does any of the above dishonestly, that's illegal. It doesn't fall under the stamping act, it would just fall under plain old scamming.

It's not illegal to make a plated bar as labeled .999 as long as the seller represent what the product truly is. You claim again and again that doing so doesn't make it contraband, but your precious stamping act law says the opposite. Make up your mind. You're wrong. This law only realistically applied when people could their precious metals to the treasury to get a gold or silver certificate. Now that the government doesn't take metals to back their money, they couldn't give two shits what bullion someone is selling on eBay. I could only see them even beginning to care if it is a counterfeit product of the US Mint.

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