Comment: I am not one to go with the

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I am not one to go with the

I am not one to go with the flow, heck I still haven't caved in and bought a cell phone - my land line works just fine. Most people are suprised when they ask for my cell number and I inform them I do not, nor do I want to own one. The most famous reaction I get, "Oooh, it's usually old people that don't have cell phones". Ha! I feel the same way about facebook, don't need it, or want it. I have a phonebook that works just fine.

I reckon I will react the same way with the onset of a cashless society. In my book, cash is king. The guys who work on my car know I always pay in cash, they love working on my car. I can usually save fifty bucks on my repair bills by paying in cash.....just because I am paying in cash! No debt hanging over my head, no bills coming in the mail, and no interest to an extra fifty in my pocket. Cashless society, no spanks!