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You mean he is now claiming he is for liberty? Well, he is not of the Libertarian party, as we all knew. So, he has not flipped, at all.

I am confused by Libertarians when it comes to many things. The biggest is abortion! Don't get me wrong! I don't think any prohibitions, made up by man, will work! I could have never done or participated in an abortion of convenience. I feel, God would forgive me, if the mother's life was threatened or when had been raped. But, I don't have to worry about that any more, being out of the loop!

Thing is, when is the life of the baby to be taken into consideration as having its own right to life?! If it cannot be 100% decided by Libertarians, then who could?

I have no delusion, at this point, that the elites in this country will let a third party be viable. They are not allowed to participate in the MSM candidate wars! They have different funding rules. I, still, think the best way to get this country headed back to its liberties is to continue to support this liberty movement fired up by Dr Ron Paul!

Rand's filibuster for defending our right to trial and, thus, our liberty, is opening a lot of eyes. Will we be able to into the right place for the 2014 elections? I don't know. But, I do know, people have heard a lot more about defending our freedoms, in the first two months of this year, than they have for the many years preceding.