Comment: Why the beef?

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Why the beef?

Mark, I just don't understand your beef. You have no greater friends in the fight for liberty than the voluntaryist crowd. We are students of economics, history, and human action.

We see government for what it is: coercion. That you have a higher pain tolerance than the rest of us does not nullify the validity of the principle that we all stand upon. Big government is evil.

Conservatives & minarchists need to accept voluntaryists as friends in the fight for smaller government. Conservatives & minarchists must accept that voluntaryists will never stop evangelizing. Conservatives & minarchists must accept and admit the ideological purity of the voluntaryist.

On the other hand us voluntaryists need to accept that there will be no overnight flight into pure liberty. We need to realize that American culture has been so corrupted since the revolution that these people cannot handle pure liberty. We must accept that this people will run headlong into the arms of the first benevolent dictator that emerges after the collapse.

Can we not take Rothbard's advice and and together sing hallelujah any time there is even the smallest withdrawal of state control?