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I Don't Think It's About Making Fun

To me it's about being able to react quickly enough if the need arises. I don't make fun of people for being overweight I blame that on the disgusting junk they put out now that they call food. I personally find it very hard to find food that isn't tainted in the stores and I REALLY try. I just find it odd that these women who are not physically ready for actively engaging in a shootout with anyone are given guns that are only capable of shooting one pop and being told that THAT will make them safe. I myself am not (as someone here asked) built like Brad Pitt, but I am not as overweight as these girls and I don't feel as though I am in any way ready to take on an armed adversary. I mean, geez, even the military has been kicking people out for being too fat. FOR REAL! I don't see why so many people are so sensitive about thinking people should try to get in better fitness as though that is a tabu subject. Are there that many overweight people on DP?