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Dude your posts are GREAT. You are a machine!

I agree 1000% with what you are saying here. And I might add and say there are two classes of whiners on here.

The first class, are the whiners and complainers that just get their panties in a bunch complaining about something or other they don't like about the Liberty movement: Rand, this or that conservative, this or that liberal, why only the most pure libertarians belong in the liberty movement, etc.

The great thing though on here most Daily Paulers are NOT that way, and are true robust, happy, open-minded liberty lovers who want to see the tent grow. I remember when yours truly ex-neocon converted to the truth and the Daily Paulers welcomed me with open arms.

The second class of whiners are disinformation agents provocateur (and yes, I think some who are paid to do it...whether by the government or AIPAC or some shadowy corporatist interest)...who just like to try and destabilize the debate with all sorts of non sequiturs, red herrings, straw arguments, and every other logical fallacy in the books.

When I get tired of going around and around with their whines and lies....I finally just block 'em.

I digress. However, I LOVE your post here. Keep up the good work, dude.

Norfolk, VA

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