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Check out proposed bills in CT

Gun owners should be aware of many changes that may take effect very soon under pending bill 1076. There is a public hearing on 3/14/13 at the Capital regarding this bill.

Persons who do not possess a pistol permit or eligibility certificate must obtain a rifle permit to purchase a rifle / shotgun. The permit will cost you $140 ($10 goes to maintain the permitting process, $130 goes to general fund) and will take months to obtain, so plan ahead. The assault weapon description has been vastly expanded and requires special registration. All firearms owned , yes ALL, must be registered with the state on an annual basis and are subject to an undetermined fee. The registration card must be stored with the firearm and carried with the firearm if it leaves your house for whatever reason. Persons can buy one gun per month. Ammunition purchases out of state (internet or what have you) cannot be made by persons who are not a federally licensed dealer / manufacturer. Persons must present ID and their firearm registration card for a firearm listed as using the same ammunition which they are wishing to purchase. You may not possess ammunition for a firearm that you do have a registration card for. The bill also addresses a gun offender registry and addresses body armor and a few other topics.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut