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Create More Valuable Content

This is the heart of the matter, here. There's a difference between a topic and a comment. The real estate for a topic is more valuable and should be treated as such.

Take this example:
Shocking! Pope Reveals Himself As The Anti-Christ
Whether you find this mildly amusing or in really poor taste – the last place it belongs is as a topic. Maybe as a link, in a comment; but not a topic. And this may not be the best example, because the person who posted it probably intended to bring the site down a few notches.

Perhaps a better example is all the innocuous yet fairly lame topics with nothing there. e.g. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS! And then a link. The topic real estate exists for those that have something relevant to say and have taken the time express their thought clearly. That's useful.

Finally, and this can't be stated enough, Freedom of Speech protects your right speak without reprisal from the government; the right to petition government for redress of grievances. Think about that. It never meant you can say-what-you-want. You walk into a Baptist church lecturing the wisdom of Bertram Russell and you might get punched in the face. Go to a play ground of five year olds and start preaching sex education or anti-abortion, well, you might get punched repeatedly.

There is no Free Speech on this web site. Note to mods – do not be intimidated by this bs line. Shut it down boys, I'll back you up.