Comment: Quite interesting OldNo.7J.D.

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Quite interesting OldNo.7J.D.

Your thread has a pleasant atmosphere. Usually this type of topic results in riots. I read lots of good comments.

I like the story of the monk who asked the master "Master, what happens when you die?", and the master replied "I don't know, I am not a dead master."

I don't put much thought into it. I try to stay in the here and Now since that is all that really is. I fight to forget the past and not worry about the future. I got sick a few years ago, Lyme disease, and after that life really sucked. It is still the same now but mostly I refuse to worry about the future nor feel sorrow for the suffering I endured in the past. Perpetual illness is a bitter pill to swallow. So I am really good at being here in the Now. So illness has been a real blessing that way.

I can't get into the parts of religion and god that conflate morality and the supernatural. They just don't mix, imo. But as far as the supernatural, I have never experienced anything like that. But a lot of folks claim they have and so I would not knock it.

I think the egg theory could be slightly true but in this way: Energy is pretty awesome. The sun shines down, the plants grow from the sun and minerals in the soil, the animals eat the plants, they die, they become the minerals in the soil, the sun shines, the minerals become plants, and on and on. So, after so many billions of years, the energy you are comprised of took the form of hundreds of millions of lives. So we are all just one big bundle of sun energy ever-changing ethereal beings.

So that is why all the mystery religions worshiped the sun. They were very wise. I do to. I worship the Sun and the Now. So I guess I am a pagan at heart.

And I look forward to being dirt. I love dirt. That just sounds so relaxing to me.

The end. .........finally.