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So what are you saying... we

So what are you saying... we should pay taxes? If everyone were stop paying taxes all at once I would be right there with them. Taxes are immoral. Taxes are part of a communist system. He is correct. There is NO mathematical way that the debt can ever be paid back. Blocking Congress is the right solution. 90% of all the problems in this nation are the fault of the Congress. Create the problem then come in and have the solution to fix the problem which always ends up with Liberty lost. They are the ones who are bought off to do the bidding of the mega corporations/world elite. Granger you need to get an education. Why do you think the DHS has bought 2 billion rounds of ammo? Why have they been buying all these armored vehicles? Shall I continue? THIS IS NOT FEARMONGERING.

But then again what would I expect from someone who voted for Romney and tells everyone how great Farakahn is.. Ya I know I spelled the racists name wrong, sorry.

The absolute best thing for this nation is going to be a total collapse of the dollar/economy. Take the blood from the vampire and he dies. Yes we will go through 1 to 2 years of bad times but freedom will await us on the other side. The Federal Government needs to be cut 90%. They could have done it voluntarily. But the economic system/market is going to make the decision for us/them. And it is not going to be nice.

You need to wake up. Congress is a boil on this nations ass. Our founders set up the Congress to be a part time service to the nation. Not a full time ,write laws every day BS system.

Having said that, I do feel we need to be involved politically. But the problem is all the BS vote rigging etc. Hell look at your loyalty oath. Talk about a bunch of BS. Did you stand on principle and vote for Ron or whoever anyway? NOOOOOOO. Don't call this apathetic fear mongering BS. Evidently you are not up on economics or what the Federal Government is up to, which is too maintain power after the economic collapse. Hell, why do think there is a massive push for taking semi automatic weapons from the people?