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When 'Krishna was speaking to Arjuna in the Gita'? Just wondering if you've read both of the things you are comparing, because saying they are the same is simply a false statement [to put it lightly]. Just look at them side by side; that was not "written as taught by Krishna" at all.

As for the time frame; considering the 'history' of the Gita and the lack of an actual time frame; that is a huge stretch to even quote a time. Even scholars that believe in the Mahabharata heavily debate the Gita as far as how it was originally delivered, when it was delivered, etc.

The Holy Bible has direct historical ties; with confirmed dates; and confirmations of Jesus' existence; including the day of the crucifixion.

I truly think people hear things in movies and articles and believe them immediately. I remember someone discussing the "crucifixion of Krishna" and likening it to Jesus Christ; I laughed immediately. They said that scholars had believed there was actually a crucifixion, to which I responded "that's not what the text says." The Mahabharata 'states 'Krishna' was pierced by an arrow from a hunter who mistook 'Krishna' for game [a deer]'. (Which actually goes against the Mahabharata's own teachings of Krishna - which is why the scholars developed the 'crucifixion theory', so they attempt to explain a fallacy in their own 'sacred text.')

The comparisons people draw are often so flawed for the very same reason their political views are flawed. They hear/read it somewhere and believe it; while the facts are available if you just put in the time.