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...trying to rationalize & justify your actions, I see.

In my assessment, you showed your ass by committing to support a anti-constitution candidate.

If you actually had any real 'liberty-principle' you would not have taken an 'oath' to support what was almost certain to be an anti-constitution candidate, but, well, there you were, knowingly lined up to stand with the globalist-collectivist establishment.

What a surprise.

You showed your ass by advancing Louie Farrakhan as a 'liberty movement' member and speaker and continued to show that ugly ass in the face of clear information and evidence that he is a loon, a collectivist, a race-hater, an utter moron on issues of our republic's founding and that he stands opposed to Amendment II.

It was clear that your mantra about Ol' Liberty-Lovin Louie 'evolved' in the thread you started, due to the well-deserved thrashing you took for advancing him...and gee-whiz, you are here trying to re-frame that issue, again.

You exposed yourself (again) and showed your ass (again) by admitting that you are a gun-controller, e.g. anti-Amendment II, which equates to anti-liberty.

Now you advocate, seemingly as if it is a 'duty', for feeding the federal leviathan via unconstitutional taxation. Again, what an utter surprise....not.

A collectivist (to whatever degree) masquerading in liberty-movement clothing, that's you, as I see it.