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That's what you took from it?

Empathy is the non-religious, non-partisan reason we have morals. It isnt perfect, but it doesn't require me to believe the writings of ancient dead men in order to know how to act. Nature has no laws, so when we are talking about the nature of reality, who cares what libertarians think. The world wasn't created according to what is best for the libertarian movement. However, humans have evolved according to certain laws of nature, and empathy, the attempt to understand how another feels, is one of the cornerstones of that evolution. While this story has no scientific support, the moral of it is pretty basic, and more reason to be good to each other than some code somebody wrote thousands of years ago. We are smart enough to know that we should be good to each other, but even before we were that smart, there was a function inside our brains which made us attempt to feel pain when we saw others in pain. In primitive times, it was simply a survival tactic (don't touch that snake, the last guy who did is in terrible pain) but in modern times, we may very well find that there is a link between our soul, or our divine spark, which helps us to practice this empathy. To me, that is the reason it is wrong to kill, steal, hurt, etc.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).