Comment: If you translate "word" as "sound" it gets interesting.

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If you translate "word" as "sound" it gets interesting.

And allow me substitute "energy" for "God" - you don't have to buy, just play along.
In the beginning there was sound, and sound caused the energy to coalesce into matter....
This is part of the amazing science the Electric Universe people are uncovering - that SOUND causes ENERGY to organize into MATTER.
If you are willing to leave a little wiggle room for... poor translation. For poor understanding on the part of the people trying to describe the Creation. For loss of true meaning over the course of generations of oral histories coming before anything was written. I know, "hard core Christians" don't like wiggle room, unless you are King James of the Councils of Nicea. For me, BECAUSE of King James and the Councils of Nicea, I assume the real meanings have been deliberately made obscure.
But then, I am a woman. God did not create me to love and be loved, he created me to be Adam's nigger, and to suffer and cause suffering because Eve ate an apple. Makes perfect sense to me...
This guy is RAUNCHY. But, he gets to some really good points, if you have the stomach for it. (Most Christians are fine with video games where blood spurts and gushes, TV shows and movies where whoredom is glorified and mothers are only cool if they are gay... but this is over some moral line for them... Any Christians called Brooklyn to complain about children murdered in cold blood? No. But watch them bitch about this atheist, and refuse to acknowledge his very valid point... I don't get it.)
Anyway, warning. This will offend you, but it might give you some important insight, too.

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