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No, I didn't

I did not join the GOP for Romney. I did not petition to get ballot access and a committee seat for Romney. I did not take a loyalty oath for Romney. I did not have Romney campaign materials, but rather led the CA NW as a volunteer teamleader who worked with the CA state Ron Paul campaign (they would not work with me unless I was a republican) and NW district had more support for Ron Paul than any... SF was 25%, Santa Cruz 23%.. Mendo was 18%, Humboldt, Del Norte over 14% and trinity 13%.. so we did very well, and I was named with the sec of state as a Ron Paul national delegate, distrcit 2. I know who I supported and why, and the loyalty oath was a shame, but so would have been breaking it.. Ron Paul did not win and wasn't going to win so I voted against Obama but not for Romney, for my committee seat, which I could have lost voting on moral principle rather than political principle.. moral principles and personal, political principles are not, so don't confuse the two when refering to a person's politics.. just know that to not know the difference is why your idea won't win your way.

Your not knowing me does not curb your arrogant insults to hurt me, and it's because you don't know me, that your insults are so far off mark, it reflects your own poor judgement.

As for LF.. leading the fasting growing religion is interesting being it's host is US prisons. It says something about US prisons that are all the more reaspn for closing them rather than housing LF's freedom and liberty loving cult.

Clearly, your venom is your problem, not mine.