Comment: The truth is none of them know what they are doing

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The truth is none of them know what they are doing

and they just keep doing the same thing they have done for 60 years. But that is what big government does. No one ever stops to question, or maybe there is method to all the madness.

Gates has added sulfur to the mix and this is giving us acid rain. Acid rain harms plant leaves, buildings, and makes acid ground water which further harms plants and adds to the erosion of sand and limestone leading to more sink holes.

We might have a chance leaving the cycle up to nature, but they have so messed up the natural cycle with industrial pollution, car pollution, chem trails and acid rain.

Governments keep blaming the people for the CO2 pollution in order justify carbon taxing us. But greed on the part of the oil industry has been the cause of most pollution because they suppressed every invention that was environmentally friendly so that they could keep profit going. It still goes on.